Welcome to the cycle 2 work Scheme with Michael Blast retro E-Bikes.

Cycle away with massive savings on any of our bikes.

Save up to 47% on your new bike!


Why cycle to work?

You’ll have your own reasons for wanting to cycle to work, but there are probably more benefits than you realise. Here are just some of them:
✓ A healthier you – both in mind and body
✓ Reaching your fitness goals more quickly
✓ A happier you as you become healthier and fitter
✓ Enjoying your commute to work so you arrive on time and feeling energised
✓ Becoming more effective in your work
✓ Saving money on fuel and car parking costs

As well as personally benefitting from cycling from work, there are environmental benefits including less congestion and less pollution through lower emissions and reduced noise.


How the scheme works

Getting your new bike is simple and we have produced a step-by-step guide to show you how the scheme works and what you can expect at each stage.  But below we’ve highlighted some of the key points for you.

  1. Let’s be upfront.  To get the tax break, HMRC rules mean you will actually be hiring a bike through Green Commute Initiative Ltd (GCI).  GCI is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which is why GCI is the only scheme not restricted to the usual £1,000 limit.  The bike is yours to use and keep and at the end of the scheme we’ll follow HMRC rules so the ownership can pass to you.  Unlike other schemes there’s no sting in the tail to transfer ownership to you.  Other schemes charge as much as 7% of the bike value!  That’s a big hit to your tax-break savings.