Features easy to use twist throttle - with a simple twist of the right handle go further, faster - up hills without using the pedals.

PAS - Pedal Assist System allows for a more intuitive riding experience and if you want more exercise - turn it to zero assist level and pedal as on a regular bike.

The Electric Greaser bike provides the perfect alternative to transportation with environment friendly and zero emissions advanced Lithium Ion technology.

Hidden Battery & Controller - Looks great and cuts through the air with ease! A special mid-section case in the bike’s frame combines both electric motor and its controller in one classy unit.

Equipped with Hydraulic Tektro Auriga 6-bolt 160mm front & 160mm rear Disk Brakes - featuring an open system design using non-corrosive and environment-friendly mineral oil.

Samsung Lithium Ion Battery 36V13Ah (250W) or 48V14.5Ah (500W). Quick charge of only 4 hours will have you riding in no time