Here we will try to answer some questions you may have. If you can not find the answer you are looking for, then please just drop us as email (Here).

Do you have stockist and authorised dealers for Michael Blast bikes?
Yes we do, please click (Here) for our dealer page.

Can I ride my Greaser like a normal bike if the battery runs flat?
YES! The Greaser is equipped with a high quality Shimano™ 7 Speed gearing system, so even if you were to run out of battery you can ride the Greaser just like a normal pedal bike.

Is the Greaser  legal on UK and EU roads?
YES! the GREASER complies with EN15194 as a PEDELEC and is therefore 100% legal for use in the UK and most of the EU. Wherever you can legally ride a bicycle the GREASER can also be ridden, as long as you abide by your local laws.

How far can I travel before the battery needs charging?
You can get up to 50klm per charge, the more pedalling you do the greater the range of the battery.

How do I charge the battery and how long does it take to charge?
The GREASER is supplied with its own Lithium-Ion charger, this charger plugs into any household powerpoint and then connects to your Greaser charging port located under the battery tank. It takes approximately 4 hrs to fully charge the battery.

Do you get a warranty with the Greaser bike?
We offer a 5 year manufactures warranty on the frame and forks and 1 year on the electronic components. Water damage and intentional misuse OR normal wear and tear is NEVER covered under our warranty. look after your bike!

Can I ride my bike in the rain?
The Greaser is water resistant meaning if you were to ride through a small puddle or in light rain the Greaser should be fine, HOWEVER riding in HEAVY rain should be avoided if possible although the motor and battery are IP65 rated, water damage is never covered under our warranty. If we say “Yes” it is 100% waterproof we will always get that one person that decides “Yeah waterproof must mean I can go do some river jumping put it on YouTube and she’ll be sweet to ride again”

How quick is the Greaser?
From factory the Greaser is preset to have a maximum top speed of 25kph to comply with EN15194 certification and UK and EU laws.

How long will the Lithium-Ion Samsung battery in my Greaser last before it needs replacing?
Our Samsung™ batteries will last in excess of 500 charge cycles! This equates to approximately 25,000klm of total travel per battery, provided you look after them!
This means not overly discharging or charging them, NEVER use any other battery charger other than the one supplied with the Greaser and NEVER discharge your battery past the automatic cutoff level.

How heavy is the Greaser bike all up weight?
28KG Total